Apologies Between Posts...

Hiya everyone,

There will be a new post here in the next couple of hours... if you really can't wait, you can go across to my other blog (Memoirs from The Black House) and read some thinly disguised fiction, or search this blog for a Hidden Post... the choice is yours.


Best Wishes, S.


Changedit said...

I've done that already hahaha K x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...


There'll be more... I trying to think of more ingenious ways to hide them.

Ok, so you've read the hidden post... you've read the Black House, and now I suppose you're waiting to read my promised post? er... hmmm.. yeah, yeah... 2 hours... erhmmm... just editing... lol

Hope you're well... all good here. Shane. x

Syd said...

Have a great day Shane.

Anonymous said...

hey this is undead chick and you told me to check it out and it is amazing. i just got done with a new post. your life is truly screwed up and it sucks for people as screwed up aas you and i but your problems are way worse than mine. so check out my blog again, go-ahead-bite-me.blogspot.com. comment

Anonymous said...

ha, greta l'allemande#1 found it too and i'm wondering which b/w movie shall be up tonight? i'm grateful for your response, it was of value.
or - it mattered. it meant a lot? i tend to mulitply what i want to say, so xxx! greta

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...


Richy said...


I'm a parisien n reader of yourS. I just discovered your wrightkncs, and I can't help fdadi g each of your writings. The junkie girl I am never reconnize that much of this real type of life anywhere else. Plus your poetryin the horror description.

I really would like to read the black house memoires but it seems I need an invitation from the author.

I askit here thinking tehat others could wonder why too..

I m writing from my bf account I m not Richee but Ericka.

Would you consider invitng meto read more ?

I would real'h appreciate it
Merci d avance et a bientôt

Shane Levene said...

Salut Ericka, La parisiene... X

The Black House memoires are now private as they are quite old and were written very quickly. The best writing is on this site.There will be a long Black House text later this year.

Take care and keep well, Darling... Shane. X