Memoires of a Heroinhead - Part 2

Memoires of a Heroinhead is changing. The past is over welcome to The Now.

Part 1 of MOAH concentrated more on the past and how I may have got to where I am today. There was no blame, no bitterness and no self-pity. Some things came my way by chance, others I walked into with full responsibility. I just detailed the the events.

Memoires of a Heroinhead Part 2 will focus more on Me today, my life as a 35 year old heroin addict in France. Posts will be much shorter, but more frequently written.

I thank All the people that have stuck by this blog, for putting up with my excuses and lies yet loyally coming back month after month. It didn't help me get straight, but it did stop me getting completely wasted. I don't think there's much more than that any of you could have done.

Until very soon, All My Love & Thoughts, Shane. X

PS: Longy, do you remember my challenge of the month? Well it was too long for a single post. Part 2 is dedicated to You. x

PPS: Stacy, thank you so much for the books & I promise to put a pic up soon. The final Part 3 will be for you. XXX


Wildernesschic said...

Looking forward to it, was wondering how you were as you had gone quiet again xx

Longy said...

Of course I remember Shane. I look forward to it mate :)

Anonymous said...


I bet it's going to be as interesting as Part 1, if not more so. I can't wait!



Sarcastic Bastard said...

Still out here reading, buddy. Keep on keeping on.

Look forward to reading your forthcoming posts.

Love you much. Hope all is well.


JoeM said...

Can't wait to see the new look.

So this presumably means you have all the material you need to do that book now...

I know. I'm a nag.

Also happy that this implies the blog will continue as a sort of on going diary even after all the past has been related.

Who knows, the future may end up even stranger than the past, though hopefully it'll be a lot easier to live through.

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Ruth,

It was either that or the blog would have just faded away. I'm doing a lot of writing at the moment and it wouldn't have been possible to keep up Memoires in its present form. Also, i've dealt with a lot of the past now. there's still a few things but the pmajority of part2. will be shorter observations on my life today (or at least my period as an addict).

Love, Shane. X

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Longy! New avatar i see, haha.Hope you're well and the first post will arrive soon. x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...


Oh, you've been reading for a long time now! Yeah, it should be good in a different way. I always think that it's the writer and not the subject, so it shouldn't really make much difference.

Until soon, Shane. x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

All's great SB. Doing huge amounts of writing and planning and not much heroin. Would prefer it the other way around but the choice is not always mine. Love returned tenfold. X

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Joe,

I've had all the material for at least the last 15 years but i still never got there. But I think this forthcoming period of my life will be very fruitful... I feel excited about the future.

I wouldn't mind or complain if the future matched the past... Ibn a strange way i enjoyed it. Not when it was happening, but as a writer/artist I don't think I could have been blessed with a better/worse life. For ME it was perfect.


Gledwood said...

If you want it poetical
and not heretical
here's the threat
(as threatening as I get)
but I'll wait until ya
finish Part 2 till I kill ya!

How's that?!

ok a bit lame but it is 05:20 hrs. Corrie Corefield has just announced changeover: BBC World Service to Radio 4. I dunno, can you get Radio 4 as far south as you are? And do you ever tune in? I will never forget driving through central France from Bourges to Clermont-Ferrand and tuning into 198 longwave to hear some radio play with Scottish accents blasting out loud and clear!

Do you know just saying that has brought back driving down the motorway in high summer, fields of sunflowers flashing past... brings up such a horrible longing in me I just wanna go there. France is the only foreign country I ever dream ~ literally dream, when I'm asleep ~ of living in. I dunno if that says something to me or not...

I've tried tuning into exotic radio stations online, which is fun, until you want to do something even faintly complicated. Then the computer has a pink fit and decides to play dead...

Come on then post these new memoirs

Stacy said...

hi shane-

it was my pleasure to send them...they don't even come close to expressing my gratitude for all that you share with us. i'm very excited about part 2 and very appreciative that you are keeping the blog going. thank you!!!


piggyinthemiddle said...

Can't wait for to hear your new stuff,
just hurry it up, or out, err , you I will ,erm , snuff.

Coleridge is turning in his grave

Unknown said...

I just finished reading all your are great and your writings are great. I'm sure all this posts can be a starter for a book.
Even if I don't relate (i don't think relate is the best word I should use here) to your story you did a good job taking us with you in your past.
I stumbled on your blog through a thing we have in common...Babyshambles. Is there a story about them?
Also, I was wondering what happened with your brother and sister?

I look forward to your next post.

Take good care of you.


P.S. Please excuse my spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.

Shane Levene said...


Thanks for your words.

Firstly, no there's no Babyshambles stories, unfortunately.

I do love the band though and think Doherty is a songwriter who is miles apart from anyone else. i won't go into that here, but there is something incredibly poetic about what he does and how he expresses it. Coming from the same area in London i really got what he was saying. We were scoring heroin on the same streets and off the same dealers, so every little refrence really played to what I know. he too hung about on White City estate, lived in shepherds bush and the same year he was in Camden I lived three minutes down the road from him. How we never met up is incredible, but maybe in the future???

My brother and sister. They're both still alive but we don't have much to do with one another anymore. When my first marriage collapsed we had a huge falling ou and then cmeheroin and we split up^and never regained contact. We stil speak occassionaly and my brother is a really good guy, but we've just kind of drifted apart. Sometimelifes like that.

keep reading... there'll be new posts soon, just trying to figure out where to take this.

Thoughts & wishes, Shane. x

Syd said...

I am just now catching up with you Shane. I apologize. I am looking forward to what you will write. Focusing on the now is a good thing.