BOOK LAUNCH/Performance: DES - Martin Bladh


First Thursday of December, The Last Tuesday Society will host the official UK launch of DES, third book by Swedish artist Martin Bladh published by Finnish label Institute Of Paraphilia Studies.

DES collects a variety of artistic meditations on the case of Britain’s most notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen, ranging from the artist’s correspondence with the killer, staged photographs, drawings and interviews.

The book launch will include an exhibition, readings and a performance by Martin Bladh and special guest Shane Levene (the son of Nilsen’s 14th victim Graham Allen).



Martin Bladh (1976-) is a Swedish artist of multiple mediums. His work is dark, visceral, hypnotic and disturbing, laying bare themes of violence, obsession, fantasy, auto-eroticism, self-mutilation, domination, submission, narcissism. Further beyond that, there is also a tribal, base, essential quality to his work, a kind of saving grace which grounds his art and makes it rare and valid. Martin is also a founding member of the post-industrial band IRM, the musical avant-garde unit Skin Area and the publishing company Infinity Land Press.


Karolina Urbaniak (1982 - ) is a visual artist, graphic designer and professional photographer based in London. Manager of Pond Street Studios and cofounder of publishing company Infinity Land Press.

Shane Levene (1975 - ) is an English writer currently dying in exile in France. His work is not in bookshops anywhere but can be found on various squalid and disreputable internet sites. His main place of stay is where he creates and disappoints his own myth in equal measures. His words have been compared to the best illiterati of our times.

Mikael Oretoft (1977 - ) is a media/culture producer and musician based in Stockholm, Sweden. He works in a variety of different media: sound design and production, photography, graphic design, and video. He is also a member of the Post-industrial band IRM together with Martin Bladh and Erik Jarl.


For more information about the launch contact Karolina:

To order contact: &

A new Memoires post to follow very-fucking-soon (and if you hold out much hope for that, well, you've obviously just joined this bleeding band of the Very Nearly Departed...) X


Anonymous said...

Tell us Shane, what is the nature of this "performance"? It sounds like it would be most interesting. Post a video on youtube?

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Genghis.... I can't give specific details of the performance but it will be very extreme and of a graphic sexual and violent nature. And if that don't sell it for ya nothing will! X

ps: check out Martin Bladh's performance art and you'll get a good idea of what will likely take place.

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

ps: I think it will be too explicit for Youtube.... X-tube will be more like it! X

Anonymous said...

Yeah I really like Martin's work. It is sort of similar to the photographer Asger Carlsen's work which involves sexual themes and physical deformity which I also like. Is this the first time you'll be back in London?

Anonymous said...

I've tried to search for a video recording of Martin's past performances but no luck. Karolina has some pieces on her account on youtube. Mainly monologues/music and video. From what I've seen of their work they sound like an interesting and talented bunch so I'm looking forward to the whole event (plus I've not been to the 'curiousity shop' at the venue yet, read plenty about it in the local/creative press).

I think all of your London based followers will be there so prepare to be mobbed, saturated and ripped apart by admiration/desire/love/lust/infatuation. Not a bad way to go.

x CalamityK

Anonymous said...

This is in response to Genghis Khan re: getting an idea of the type of performance art to expect from Martin Bladh.

Whilst I didn't find performance art videos on youtube (just video pieces and collaborations/monologues or dirges as he titles them), I did go to the link that Shane provided with the bio:

There, if you click on 'Performance' you'll be able to see stills of his performance pieces and get an idea of the themes etc.

Filming a performance art is kind of weird because the nature of that medium is that it's live and of course there exists video art/installation, a medium in its own right. Does filming it make it video art or a documentation of a live piece?

Martin also works in video, music, photography, mixed media and drawing. You'll be able to see all that on his website. But apart from that, I'm only just getting to know his work so Shane is your best bet for any more questions.


eyelick said...

Oh that's great that you're going back. Don't get stuck in an alley smoking crack ;) although pretty sure that won't be an issue, too many productive things to do, creative people to spend time with, and your mom being clean helps too. A nice treat to go home.

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