Audio Recording - So Dog We Were Too

Exclusive recording of my text So Dog We Were Too. Narrated by Tulip. Music courtesy of Zbigniew Preisner.

I thought of the father pimping out his handicap daughter, of thé drunk dancing alone and pissing himself, of the hordes of social shrapnel inching their wounded bodies and minds down to the homeless shelter, of the whores outside MacDonald's sucking on straws and swallowing milkshake, of the violence consuming so many people and the bitterness and corruption which reigns. In the vile regurgitated odour of red wine and vomit, in a deserted carriage of the late night metro, I stood alone and thought of all these things.

- - -
A new Memoires text 'The Devil's Pause' coming very soon... Shane. X


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the rest of this being posted. Checking in v often with hope of new work to read. I can rest easy, knowing that another in on the way. I like how this memoires post sounds....I really have no idea where its going to lead. It could be anywhere.
Who was talking on the So dog Too soundcloud post? Whoever it is has an interesting sounding voice.
Looking forward to more stuff....thanks again. Kate (SUNNY SWANSEA....getting autumnal quickly though)

Anonymous said...

Good words, Shane. Brilliantly executed, Tulip, thank you both.