Skye Wesney R.I.P - An Urban Legend

This post has been removed due to certain untruths in the text. It will be slightly modified and put back up in the near future.


Wildernesschic said...

Shane .. you made me cry.. Not difficult at the moment :)
But I am in such deep shock .. my little sheltered arse will not forget this post for a long time. I weep for what might have been for you both and the cruelty that you both suffered. I think it was tragic. I had a terrible relationship with my mother, but had a wonderful loving Dad.. who made it all ok. When I compare my "prince's" and their Hot Chocolate and home made cake breakfast in bed yesterday..
Don't get me wrong I don't judge and I think you must have a had a pretty eventful life compared to my two sheltered boys. I worry I am not really preparing them for real life. But with my knowledge of the world, I want to keep them wrapped in cotton wool that bit longer.
You are a wonderful story teller.. I love your posts, even if they do make me cry
Love Ruth xxx

Shivi said...

Pheww! It gave me goosebumps...I wonder why some people suffer hell and some live their lives not knowing what hell is like..But tell me something, how come you come across people who have histories like this? Is it all just coincidence..probably that's why your posts reflect lot of wisdom.

Keep Well Shane and Happy New Year,

Sarcastic Bastard said...

As I always tell you, you are a beautiful writer. Thank you for telling this story.

I hope you are right about the new year, my friend. I'll take your word for it.

I love you. I really do.


JoeM said...

This may well be the saddest one yet. I hate that 'Skye' accepted his lot, knowing after a bad report that 'he probably wouldn't be in the next day at school'. What a terrible euphamism.

The fact that the asthma meant he always got caught.

And worst of all, his reply to whether he got beat up a lot:

'Oh, not so much... and mostly I deserve it'.

For some reason this reminds me of the only time I shed a tear reading Dickens - when David Copperfield, beaten by the awful step father, blames himself for being a 'bad boy'.

We hear a lot about interfering social workers these days, but it must be better to err on the side of caution.

I'm also reminded of being embarrassed at taking friends home because my mother, zonked on prescription drugs for clinical depression, would still be asleep on the sofa at any time of day, the house a mess.

But I did spot some funny bits!

'Just before I died'

'we studied, played and swore along to hymns'.

Yes, 2010 will be great.

The whole 20 teens will be great...

Dusty Rose said...

i've been drinking wine for many hours right now so i don't really have anything elegant to say.
this was incredible,
it reminded me of some of my friends who would come to my house cause my mom was always drunk
and pilled out
she didn't much mind
but sometimes she'd try to sleep with them
and that was embarrassing.

also, i really liked the line about how the darkness in your home didn't come from lack of light.


Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Ruth,

Why are you so emotional at the moment? I hope nothing too serious? (email me if it's not for the world).

Of course you're preparing you're boys for life.... they seem very loved and emotionally stable and that's the best gift for the future you can give them. Not having them experience certain a good thing... Very often we only visit places because we know they exist. Cotton wall's not bad, it has to be better than bouncing them down the concrete steps of life in their birthday suits... thats's what happened to me, lol! And even if after that I'm not a bad or heartless person, no loving parent could ever seriously want their child to turn out anything like me.

Thanks as ever for your time and words... My Love Returned, Shane. x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Shivi,

No it's not coincidence that I came across so many people like this. As a child you make friends with thoise who you hae something in common with. For me that was usually a traumatic homelife. Because of that my friends were always more likely to sufr a tragedy, or get involved in drugs or crime as an escape.

As an adult it continued because in many ways I tried to relive by experience the things I had seen as a child. I put myself around the problems that had affected my youth and then finally lived a life of addiction myself. It's a hard life where people live on the edge to support their habits. Because of that there is a much greater liklihood that some tragedy or other will at some time hit those around you. So really, all these stories are a reflection of the life I have and do lead.

Often to get wise we must be stupid... and I've certainly been that! ;)

Take care & Happy New Year to You too.

Shane. x

Shivi said...

That is so right Shane,we have so much to learn when you are stupid..I ve seen that happening to myself too...i fall and get up then fall again deeper and to get up..but the fall everytime taught me priceless lessons which always made the getting up slighter easier with time..well, may be that s the reason why life is not always a bed of roses..if it was we wouldn't have much to learn and remain stupid forever.

Best Wishes to you,

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hey Ya SB...

I never lose hope... life will NEVER defeat me in that way. My hopes and desires are as fresh as ever... 2010 will be historic.

Merci for all your words and support of the blog during 2009, it touched me more than I can explain here.

MY Love and Respect & Thanks & Hopes & Wishes...

Shane. XXX

Zz... said...

Let me tell you I HATE READING but that was an absolutely friggin awesome piece of writing - I think you should get published-surely your life to date would warrant an entire novel...looking forward to MORE! more!!!!

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya JoeM... thanks as ever for your words and I hope you passed a wonderful New Year.

I was laying in bed listening and surprised by the lack of fireworks or cheering coming from the streets of Lyon. At 00:15 it started and I suddenly remembered about the'French' and 'time'. Yes, unbelieveably they were 15 minutes late welcoming in the new year! The only good thing about there is that when Armageddon finally arrives I have quarter of an hour on you!;)

Once again, thanks for your time and for all the support you have given this blog over the past few months... it's greatly appreciated.

All My Very Best Hopes for 2010, Shane.

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...


I hate writing... so if you'll continue reading, I'll continue posting and together we can maybe make it a pleasurable experience for the other.

Oh, I'd love to be published, unfortunately I think agents and publishers see me as a bit of a liability... it comes with the territory I'm afraid.

Thank you so much for your time and words & All My Very Best Thoughts & Wishes for 2010...

Shane. x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Dusty Rose... hope you're well and thanks as always for your wonderful words.

Don't worry about elegance... the truth is elegant enough and hours of wine certanly brings that.

God, Mum sleeping with friends... I know all about that. During my teens I don't think I had a friend who hadn't at least taken a blowjob from my mother (or given her one, lol).I thought having gay friends would put an end to it, until I caught Simon giving her one up the arse... yeah, it was a little embarrassing...


I hope you passed a wonderful New Year and I send You all My Thoughts, Hopes, Wishes & Dreams for 2010.


mikimbizii said...

It had been an elevating and sometimes a heart breakingly beautiful experience reading your posts, because they are so detailed, so real, like peeping into a jar of preserved memories sifting and catching the light og the morning sun and flaming gold.

No hope for big cheques at this end, its all a struggle for survival against bitterness, injustice, price rise..oh you know!

Thanks for the comments on my poems and posts. Hope you have a terrific 2010.

Keep writing.
Best wishes

Flit said...

Shane, man, Always a pleasure, your gift for story telling and your humanity.
I hope for you brand new pleasures in 2010.

Syd said...

Shane, what a sad tale. I wish that there had been other options for Skye. Happy New Year to you and the best to you in 2010.

Quicksilver said...

Thanks for the wishes shane, i hope you have a great year ahead too. reading your blog's always been a pleasure. hoping to see a lot many posts this year!

Anonymous said...


Freak said...

Shane: it's not a short story, that's why I hadn't read it yet and I couldn't stop as I was reading ore and more of it.

I think you write beautifuly and explain very well every thought and feeling you had.

I think it is nice you remember Skye and that you try so asume some responsability and not just avoid it, like we all are used to do.

I have some stories of friendship and loss myself, full with regret on my side.

You made me wonder about life and death and how we use our time and efforts.

Thanks so mucho for sharing this sad but tender story,I have really enjoyed the reading.


'Stoopid Slapped Puppies' said...

wonderful writing as always my friend.
Coming from the 'other side of the tracks' my and others disfunctions were more hidden but no less brutal I guess.
and YES Let's Make Some History this year OK.
Love as always
Nick XXX

Sarcastic Bastard said...

What a way to start the New Year! Heal up quickly.

Good to hear from you.



Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...


Thanks or all you say... it's wonderful. My friend Nick and I are predicting big things for 2010... and we've never been wrong yet!(oops, yes we have... in fact it would be more truthful to say we've never been right)... that means that the end of the world is nigh.. oh no!

Take care and my wishes and respect back, Shane. x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Thanks Flit... the same to you, Man.

Shane. x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Syd, wishes returned and there were other options for Skye, same as there are for me... we just never take them.

All the very best & thanks again or the time you've passed here, Shane.

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Quicksilver... if you get 12 posts his year thank yourself lucky! Although I predict a good 2010, I also preict that in April my life will implode... if you hear a loud bang around that time, don't worry it's just me! lol

Shane, x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Una Freak...

Wonderful to see you here... I think you're the first Spanish person to comment!

It's very kind what you say, thank you... it means a lot.

You mention it being tender, and it is. Many city boys are tender... we act tough and walk the walk, but deep down, where it really matters, i've seen a tenderness in these people... a vulnerability. It's sad and beautiful at he same time... life is that also.

You take care and I hope we'll speak again soon...

All My Wishes

Shane. x

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hey ya Nick...

Yes it's right what you say about different disfunctions and I never play that down. One is as great as the other. In terms of trauma or abuse I see an equality... I don't believe that one man's trauma is any greater than any other man's. Through everything I write about... all the darkness, I've never known anythig more painful or traumatic than a broken heart. A divorcee is just as likely to suicide as an abused child. There's nothing greater than suffering, and each suffers a different hell.

Take care and yes It's Time for History...

Love Shane, XXX

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

If anyone is wondering what My Friend SB is referring to, well...

Early this week I was hit by a bus, lol. But did anyone really expect a different start for me to 2010? I didn't...

Freak said...

Thanks, Shane, for your nice words to me.
I'm proud to be the first spanyard to write a comment but I'm sue there a lot more just reading.

It is very nice to have found you. You are a very sensitive person.


Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog....I was a heroin myself for a while.....I'll have to read through this properly, might touch a few nerves. Don't know if you've seen my blog about my current vice, cocaine addiction. Don't do smack these days just a bit of methadone and benzos to come down, felt I took the heroin thing as far as it could go... x

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sanjeet said...

As I always tell you, you are a beautiful writer. Thank you for telling this story.

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Stacy said...

you sell yourself short as a person...(or maybe you are just being humble), but speaking as a very loving parent, i disagree with the statement that no loving parent would want their child to turn out anything like you. i hope my child never has issues with addiction, but i wouldn't mind if he was creative, talented, open minded, compassionate, forgiving, nonjudgmental, humble (i think i mentioned that), an appreciation and passion for literature and art, kind...should i go on? i don't know you personally, only from your blog, but you seem to have many beautiful qualities. oh, i almost forgot charming self deprecation...

Anonymous said...

A great and sad story! I was in your class/year at St Mark's, but really don't remember that far back, so don't have memories of you guys, but your names are familiar to me. Really sorry anyone has to go through anything like this and have an ending like Skye's. I hope you keep going and have the ending you dream of xxx

Anonymous said...

Correct a STORY by a good writer but the worst type of writer one who takes a sad story and adds his swist to glamourize it(sorry for spelling) he should of asked them close to read it over first but he couldnt coz they would not of let him come out with such over the top shit just to get readers 50% yep 50% crap

Anonymous said...

I would like to put the story straight as Skye’s mother. I have read your blog, and you have distorted the facts to fantasize your story. Skye was not a drug addict and he never took Heroin. Yes, he was a chronic asthmatic and he did end up in hospital a number of times, but that was due to his asthma and if he were taking any drugs, the hospital would have known as these things are known through blood tests, or didn’t you know that? His dad did not beat him, but like a lot of parents punished him when he got into trouble, that was because we cared. In fact he often helped his dad at work. Skye came from a loving family. Skye died from an asthma attack on holiday with his friends at the seaside. The ambulance could not make it in time to save him, not like your friend told you that he was found on a bench by the canal of a heroin overdose? What rubbish! And although I grieved and still do, as we all do, as a family, I did not go off my head and end up in a psychiatric hospital. If you are going to write a story about someone, get your facts right!

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hey Ya Mrs Sweeney... well there's always multiple versions of each story and the moment anyone tells their version it's never the truth no matter how much people like to think it is. If you read a little more carefully my writing here and my comments you'll see I never claim anything to be anything but 'emotionally' honest, which means that facts often do get distorted and twisted when related by others, but my emotions that i relate within each text are true.

As ytou've pointed out yourself Skye's death was related to me by a third person and so in terms of writing it's only a third person account of his death, and I can't help what people tell me. This is not an ORBITUARY to Skye but a text about friendship and tragedy and youth.... the facts are not important in that context as the subject is not the death but a young friend who passed through my life at a certain time and how we came together, came apart and parted preparing to enter adulthood. So whether Skye died alongside the river, or teh seaside, or someplace else (or never died at all) it's irrelevant to the text as it's not about his death or his life, but a friuendship in my youth and ho i remember that and after losing contact what I was told and believed had become of him.

Having said that I will do one of two things (and you can decide which you'd prefer):

1: Change the name
2: Direct readers to your comment so as they can learn the truth of what became of Skye.

Let me know in the comment and I'll show you the respect to do that immediately...

All My Thoughts, Shane. X

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shane.. I want you to change the name, I don't want his family or friends to google his name (as what has happened), to find that he has been labeled a heroin addict and died as one and that he came from an abusive family.

I am glad that Skye had meant something to you, for you to write about him and you knew him for those few years, but I am saddened to hear what some people think what happened to him.

Wishing you happiness, Shane

Mrs Sweeney