Apologies between Posts #6: Obsessions by Joseph Mills

Hiya Everyone, maybe it would be more accurate to say "post between apologies" but this one isn't about me (or my fault!). The latest delay in posting I lay at the feet of Joseph Mills and his wonderful book 'OBSESSIONS'. Here's a little about him and links to his site and works:

Joseph Mills is the author of the highly praised novel Towards the End  and his short stories have been published in several anthologies, including The Ten Commandments, The Mammoth Book of Gay Short Stories, and The Picador Book of Contemporary Scottish Fiction. He has also contributed to various magazines among them Gay Times and Queer Words. He lives and works in Glasgow.

Joseph Mills is also a regular reader and contributer of this blog and probably without him ever realising it he brought a whole new audience here with his comments on Dennis Cooper's blog.

In return I thank him tremendously for that, and outside any friendship or personal feelings I recommend and urge that you ALL click on the links and buy his books... multiple times if you like!

Anyway, here's the links again and there will also be a permanent one in the sidebar:

Oh, and before I forget...

...a new Heroinhead post will follow shortly, maybe even tomorrow...

All My Best, Shane. x

I have not been paid or asked to write this post. Memoires of a Heroinhead remains an advert free space, though I will ALWAYS break my principles for the correct person or cause.


JoeM said...

What an honour!

I'm sort of speechless, which is a first.

Thanks so much.

I like the fact that there's a sort of cross fertilisation between here and DC's, with some of your commenters also appearing there - Lotion, Flit, Tony O'Neil, etc.

You should probably post a comment to DC's whenever you do a new post of your own stuff, since they're irregular and people might get out of the way of checking in.

Look forward, as always, to the next installment.

And thanks again, really appreciate it!

Vincent said...

Hey Shane,

first of all thank you for the mails you sent me over the last days. It was good to hear that all is well with you, and also thanks for listening.

Secondly, thank you for this recommendation! I am always keen to check out the authors my favourite writers like - you being one of them I will definitely give the Mills books a go.

Cheers a million, V.

Wildernesschic said...

Love the styled photo.. so thats what you have been working on .. its your six pack :) xx

A said...

Thanks for this Shane. It's nice to see you give the blog over to someone else. I mean that in a good way.


Andy Frankham-Allen said...

Ah, look at you promoting people. hehe Shameless, quite shameless. Knowing how infrequent your posts have been I don't feel so bad so slacking on the reading now. I will get back to it, promise. And, I'll even let you in and all the drama that threw me back to Wales at some point. I suspect you're one person who will understand such darkness...

Love, as ever, my dear friend.

A. x

Unknown said...

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sanjeet said...

I like the fact that there's a sort of cross fertilisation between here and DC's,
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