Hopping the Wagon: Day 4

Day 4 followed in pretty much the same manner as the second half of Day 3. It's nothing serious. I have got a black-eye though. I nodded out in the bathroom and slipped and caught my eye on the corner of the little shelf which holds the shower products. I'll put up a photo tomorow.

No poetry today, so if you need a daily dose of that go here:

Chemical Addictions & Revelations

Heftman boasts that his words aren't brilliant. Heftman is a liar.

Until tomorrow (even though it's tomorrow already!), Love & Thoughts, Shane. x


The Total Impostor said...

Whatever Shane. One thing you can be sure of is that I will only comments on your website to give you intelligent feedback or exchange my ideas with yours, in the spirit of true creative interaction. How you politely put up with all the sycophants, vicarious junkies and well-wishers I do not know. "you are in my prayers darling" - I would tell them to shove their fucking prayers up their religious cop-out arses. But I guess you don't hate humans as much as I do. Anyway, keep it coming. Over and out of it.