The Void Ratio

The Void Ratio by Shane Levene (text) and Karolina Urbaniak (photography), with a foreword by Martin Bladh.

To be released December 2014 by Infinity Land Press

"Levene's words are something like when you find a long lost old faithful, a throbber on the shin, aaaaah.....
The Void Ratio left me dreaming again of the fucking nightmare...” 
       Peter Doherty – musician/poet

“In the Void Ratio Karolina Urbaniak collects, isolates, lays out and records the forensics of a 'lifescene' (here being the author's own drug paraphernalia) at times discovering a breathtaking beauty emitted by the objects: a light which is found coming from places we'd expect to find no light at all. Through Urbaniak's lens the otherwise inanimate objects become landscapes, monuments, horizons, etc, some revealing the universal blackness of history and time while others take on the corporeal qualities of the user in the traces of blood and carbon left behind. What may have been obscenely voyeuristic in someone else's hands becomes an intimate portrait in Urbaniak's. Due to the boundaries crossed in friendship and life with Levene, Urbaniak has not only photographed the world her associate frequents but by association has become a part of that world. 
Once again Urbaniak slips through the aperture of her own shutter and finishes with her subject in front of the camera, all borders breached, all truth revealed, the lens no longer a safe/secure filter separating life and art.”

"I've been a huge admirer of Shane Levene's work ever since the day I stumbled upon his writing at Memoires of a Heroinhead. Shane's writing is by turns beautiful, scabrous, funny, heartbreaking and dangerous. In my opinion, Shane is one of the few, actual honest-to-God poets we still have writing today. " 
Tony O'neillDown & Out on Murder Mile; Digging the Vein; Sick City & Black Neon.

THE VOID RATIO an Urbaniak/Levene collaboration 

(Anyone who makes up a part of any drug, literary or art forums and who would like to help push the book's existence, please PM me: Shane. X


Helmi Irfansyah said...

nitip link aja coeg

Anonymous said...

I am confused why you decided to meet up with this arse at all. I mean, what was ever in it for you? You could always score without him, but at first not vise versa, right? So what was your original draw to this loser? Confused,

Shane Levene said...

Hey Esmé....

Well, I didn't know he was such a dishonest little creep at first, but more importantly he was buying the gear. So for the sake of an hour or so in his company each time I was getting free heroin. Also, I write and I never turn down any offer that will lead to mayhem or debauchery. That doesn't mean that I partake in it... not always... but I watch and observe. It's through such things as meeting up with strangers and hanging around such people that life blows in and suddenly things hors de norme are happening. I follow things... let life lead me to where I'd maybe not go myself. Also once I realized what Trey was then I was consciously studying him and so each meeting, no matter how annoying, was always worthwhile for that reason. X

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the Void Ratio. I am gonna review if for UK journal Drugs & Alcohol Today. If its as good as the other stuff you do, I won't need bribing. Much. Kidding. As ever, your writing just gets better ... the story about Trey has me smiling with recognition at the memory of similar beasts I have crossed paths with.. Shane: Hope your life is lusciously liminal, that the darkness is markedly minimal, and that you are still buzzing, you old heroin criminal... Dr Nuke

Helmi Download said...

nitip lagi coeg

Shane Levene said...

Hey Leo...

Mail was just a joke, me ol' mucka! I couldn't resist! hahaha

i'll send you my proper thoughts once i've finished... tomorrow probably. X

Anonymous said...

^If it doesn't feel right you should probably do it.

haha Fucking hell, that was elaborate mate! My heart was pounding for a few minutes there. I was thinking> shit someone got up one the wrong side of the rattle this morning.
Any way I've changed it now. I put it all in capitals and added more exclamation marks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shane....Greetings again from Swansea. I've probably missed some link on the website, my brain isn't quite with it today....was wondering how I go about buying The Void Ratio book? I've thought about it before, then something happens at home that makes me have to put my iphone down and do something else, usually de tangling my brawling daughters from a girly hair pulling fight. Would be grateful if you could let me know...either on here or if I forget which part of your website I've commented on, maybe an email. (
Thanks Shane. I'm really looking forward to reading this.
Kate. Xxoo

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hey ya Kate... I don't have any copies here and so you must order from Karolina Urbaniak at Infinity Land Press. Go to the site and go to 'contact' and just drop a message with your email address and saying which book you'd like. Karolina will then email you back and explain how to make payment. X