The Junky Underground*

Visit & join The Junky Underground.... a haven for the broken hearted and the nearly departed. It's a place free from fascist administrators or idiotic site moderators taking pleasure in suppressing IP addresses or denouncing you to the CIA. On The Junky underground you are free to write, chat and upload photo's or video's of whatever you'd like... free speech reigns supreme. And what's more, you DON'T even have to be a junky to join... membership is open to ALL! Hopefully, we'll see you there!
A un~social network for the socially undesirable...we know who we are.
* The Junky Underground was created and set up by Melody Lee:
Johnny Thunders


Melody Lee said...

Awww Shane, you big ol' sweetie! Thanx again for joining and promoting the new site. I'm so glad to have you there and I really hope it turns into the haven everybodys looking for. You summed it up perfectly and I LOVE your logo!
I hope you're having a truly fantastic day,with many more to come.

KMKZ said...

Very sweet. I just hope it doesn't get shut down.

ReRe said...

just stopping by to say hi!

Unknown said...

awesome! in a few hours I'll visit it!

sKILLz said...

That's a cool hangout place!
Stay Up Homie!

Mark said...

What happened to the junky underground?

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hey mark,

Ning, who hosted The Junkie Underground (and many other online communities) decided this year that it would no longer be a free service and wanted something like 50$ a month. They probably figured that all these groups who had worked so hard to get a community would probably pay the charge even if they didn't want to - a dirty online swindle I've seen before. They kinda wait until business peaks and slap a charge on everyone. Unfortunately for Ning they didn't count on the people behind The Junky Underground being real junkies, and even a thousand strong we still couldn't pay the charge even if we'd have wanted to.

So that's hat happened. It was no longer a free service and so it got abandoned.

Sailor said...

That's really shitty. If anyone starts up a new haven, do let us know, i have zero patience or i'd do it..