Dennis Nilsen Book

Russ Coffey:
Dennis Nilsen - Conversations with Britain's most evil serial killer

Latest addition to the literature on mass murderer Dennis Nilsen written by friend and journalist Russ Coffey (including several pages of extracts written by yours truly).  

300 pages on the life, crimes, imprisonment, psychology and future of Dennis Nilsen. Pulled from Coffey's personal correspondence with the man, privileged access to Nilsen's still unpublished autobiography (History of a Drowning Boy) and interviews with various first and secondary victims, Coffey's book is a worthwhile addition to the literature available  on Nilsen. With the benefit of 30 years of hindsight and the aid of the now mountainous archival material which exists on the killer,  Coffey's book is in a much better position than any other to give a more balanced account of the man and his crimes and to show up false arguments and contradictory statements and ideas which have surfaced concerning (and by) the killer himself. With that in mind it is just possible that Coffey's book will shed new light and new found ideas on the psychological make-up of Nilsen and give deeper insight into the complex and often conflicting  reasons which fuelled his crimes.

An in-depth review of the book is not needed here and I am not the best person to do so even if it were. I will just add  that my involvement was totally free and willing even though (and I knew beforehand) the author's views fly in the face of  my own personal feelings towards Nilsen. For the record I don't believe in demonizing people and I wholeheartedly DO NOT believe that Nilsen is an evil man and do not believe anyone is inherently evil (certainly not in any context outside of what we're naturally capable of as animals/ human beings). Furthermore I would one day like to see Nilsen released and am passionately in favour of the publication of his now voluminous autobiography.

For those interested in the writings here, and with the means, please order a copy of Russ Coffey's book. For all close friends and longtime followers of my work I would like to share my copy with You and so those interested in wanting to form a reading-chain please contact me via email (though be careful to note after reading it'll be your responsibility to post the book onto the next reader.)

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