Compliments & Insults

A selection of words and comments that followers and readers of  Memoires have left in its trail. These compliments make me sad... I cannot explain why or say anything greater. If this post makes me look like some narcissistic retard, well that's because I probably am. Anyway, enough of my words, here's yours...

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“I feel sort of dirty reading everything you write, and all the comments other readers leave. I need to shower, my vagina is dirty, and its just disgusting. I think I've said enough...”

A blog that is poetic and profound in its amorality. Unrepentant and inspiring, I am happy to join your legion of readers.

You have such a wonderful style of writing. Beautiful!

Look forward to your next ...parable. Funny, the blogs seem sort of like that, like little mini lessons in life. From the Darkside!

You're killing me. This is really intense and sickly wonderful. I hope to God you're a liar and this isn't really happening to you. I thank you for the great read either way.

The genius/writer/poet/painter/all-around Renaissance Man, Shane.

I am actively reading this and questioning my self at the same time. This is the power of your writing, and I am an instant fan.

.Even non believers may be forced to utter "my god" after reading this. Seriously man, i wonder how ur able to see all this atrocity so objectivetly

I intend to be the first on line at City Lights or whatever cool as hell bookstore is selling it, when you collect these all in a few years and publish. I just have no doubt you will.

Let me finish by telling you something I did tonight that I almost never do, and certainly have never done with blogs or articles - I read this aloud to my wife. The whole thing. She was blown away.

"Oh my God this is so depressing, it's just misery upon misery."

I don't find it miserable somehow. I guess the facts are, yes, but somehow this just doesn't feel hopeless to me. Someone is out there on the fringe, in a space I wouldn't walk, and mailing back poetry to tell us how the weather is. And somehow the weather is fucked up, and the weather is fine.

ive been reading your blog page after page after page.. im so captivated by your words.

its too heavy man....frankly speaking i cant bear it more

Astounding! Sir, starting writing your book. I, for one, will purchase it.

"The effortless poetry of the Unsinkable Man. Please please please check it out."

Reading your story and your frank honesty humbles and amazes me. To say you are talented would be an understatement. Its a fancinating read and I almost feel guilty for "enjoying" it.

I sit here reading your blog, and you have left me feeling as bad as my last little bump when its gone, and i know theres no more, no way to get it till another day. All i can do is ponder the smell and after taste in my mouth...

The Wait has begun... . your writing style is euphoric!

Sir, you are a remarkable and strange person (I mean this as a compliment).

this is fuckin poetry, man. I loved it..

I love your posts so much, I think i had no choice but to follow!

Amazing !!! Just that !

Glad to have stumbled upon this splendid page. You got yourself a huge fan :D

you are excellent.

Once again, I thank you for trapping bits of your soul in your writing.

You're brilliant and write like you are 63 not 33?? (You're 33, right?) I have no idea how/where I picked that. At any rate, you get my point. You write like someone who has lived a long time.

Hurrah! You have a great way of saying things. Love it.

"You seem to get off on being a loser and coming from a family of sickos. Very sad."

I love your writing. If you wrote a book it would be one I could not put down, I'd stay up late reading. Aside from being a entertained by your posts I am also being educated.

This is hard-hitting stuff. As potent as a shot of vodka before breakfast. 'Memories of a Heroinhead' dares to tread where other blogs don't.

Whether you have thinly disguised your life by fiction, it does not matter. This form of writing desrves a global audience. Judging by people's comments it is obvious that we would love to see a book of yours on the shelves someday

Wow Shane, Now that's poetry.

Thanks for another great (but harrowing) read.

Your blog moved me... I mean PROFOUNDLY.

I am addicted to your writing. I'll sit down and read anything you've written any night I can.

Nothing about your life sounds lucky. Getting busted would have just been a little more misery than your life usually is.

I think your life is anything but unremarkable and you are one of the most remarkable people I know of.

My heart still has to go out to someone in pain, especially when they've been covered so thoughtfully and soulfully by the Heroinhead.

You really are a Renaissance man and a hell of a writer.

I just love your matter what you write of, it captivates.

You're brilliant. Your writing captivates me. I love it.

Don't you ever stop writing. I swear this was written amazingly.

"you feed into every pore that is hungry for the morbid and macabre. I think why reading your blog is so “satisfying” is because nothing is left out."  

It's great to see the truth and honesty of your life impacting so many people... and all this from a kid out of White City, hey?

You're a tremendous writer.

You made me cry like a baby.

I have tears in my eyes. I haven't been so disturbed reading anything.

If it was a book I'd say I couldn't put it down. Instead I'll say I couldn't close my laptop.

Thanks for your beautiful writing, the soul you've bared in this entry especially. I absolutely think you're brilliant. I wait with baited breath for your next entry...

It's like when I think you can't possibly get any better you always do. My favorite Memoire of a Heroinhead is always the last. And, consistently since the first post, I always feel terrible for enjoying it.

fascinating.. why isnt this blog made into a book?

Absolutely amazing writings.

I read lots of blog's on all sorts of subjects, sometimes when I start reading and then see how long the post is, then it kind puts me off. So I will rush and read between the lines. With your posts however, I do not want them to end. This was brilliantly written

You are a fucking genius.

Great work as usual Shane. In my utopia this would be a job and you would be employee of the month, with stock and cash thrown your way.

I just started reading your blog and I can't summon the words which could try to explain my amazement. Your writing is perfect and I can't believe I spend so much time on one blog!

After all this time i have finally found and am able to read thoughts that are real and plain, with a touch of intelligent poetics. Your the man Shane, i have garnered more peace and understanding from your blogs than any counseller or key worker can ever give.

Oh Wow... Beautiful absolutely beautiful. It made me cry with pure joy. Awesome art man. You have the eyes and heart of a true poet.

writers like you make life worthwhile,

So I'm assuming you know you're an artist with words, creating pictures one has trouble looking at, trouble turning from as well. Like a car wreck.

I truly hope this will all end up in a book someday. Amazing.

It's amazing how many people actually believe your made up stories. If any of this shit is true why don't you prove it- police records, etc.?

I can't believe any publisher would turn down what you've written so far - I mean, economically, the Nilsen aspect would sell it alone.

What I really meant to say was that I most of all like your great poetical/philosophical style -

Your writing is just so amazing. The way you observed this man is art, they way you describe him poignant, the way you relate to him soulful...

as always, another masterpiece from u shane. :)

"You're such a great prose writer. I've been having withdrawels."

You have the soul of a poet.

You created a lyrical, sublime masterpiece out of a series of poignant, painful memories.

That entry was so intense and masterful. As always,I am humbled and a better person for just reading it.

Wow, just wow this hit like a truck full of bricks. You're an amazing writer

A truly beautiful, piece of writing, full of artistry.

I always feel inspired by reading here, and it gets lazy me writing more myself.

u r talented... u r one of a kind.. a lot of people r interested in ur writings...ur photography and ur art.. phenomenal.. A talented human u r, that can be greatly successful and renown... other ppl dream of the talent u have.

You've snagged me Shane. Please, write. I will again, wait in haste for your next installment

OMG . . I have incredible goose pimples after reading all of that, especially the closing paragraph! You are such a wonderful writer that I feel your pain and long to stretch out and touch your cheek.

"This blog has been an assault sometimes, an assault on the senses. We are pulled in by poetry, but often it feels like the author, once close enough to touch, suddenly grabs you by the ears and pushes your face into the carpet to smell all the mistakes and the badness.

I've SMELLED heroin, and the heroin life, through this blog. I've smelled impoverished junkies' asses and feet through this blog. I've smelled their deaths, their bloated corpses, wide-staring eyes looking at me, mutely saying "how the fuck did this happen to me? Oh, that's right..."

I've heard the most awful things on this blog - mothers screeching hate, fathers conniving to steal from kids, and friends betraying each other forever. Even the humble narrator has revealed himself to be an awful person over and over again.

This blog is the sights and sounds and smells and feels and even the tastes of honesty. When it comes to heroin, there's just no way one could read this and rationally, normally, think "yeah, that's for me. Can't wait."
Herbert Barry Woodrose

I find you extraordinarily inspiring... Wonderful wonderful writing.

You are a wonderful story teller.. I love your posts, even if they do make me cry

Christ this was so good I want to get violent. You talented Fuck! I want to keep getting the shivers when I read things like The Man Who Looks Like Life. I have some serious back-shivers right now from this FUCK shit! Goddamn, we love you man.
Pheww! It gave me goosebumps.

Let me tell you I HATE READING but that was an absolutely friggin awesome piece of writing

It had been an elevating and sometimes a heart breakingly beautiful experience reading your posts

I wanna see a book by you. I really do. You suck me into your world.

You know it but I loved this and the rest of your work and of course you too.

Shane is one of the most talented writers I've ever encountered. And I think I know talent when I see it, damn it! This entry that I'm linking below made me cry, it was so beautiful. And you all know SB is a hard-ass motherfucker, so if my ass cried, Shane's writing is some touching motherfucking shit. READ IT.Link to one of the most magnificent posts EVER in the world EVER (and I mean that shit too):

One of the greatest writers I've ever read. That he's posting free online is a crime.

A masterpiece in itself...

how wonderful indeed!
your description is like reading thoughts of mine somewhere deep in my mind ( how i wish i was Nuran!)

This is blog is a fascinating, stark, and honest glimpse into the real life world of a using heroin addict. It's beautifully written although painful to read at times. I highly recommend this blog to anyone who has ever wondered what being a 'heroin head' is like.

Oh I am so torn. I am very anti-drugs and their promotion in any way (even in an indirect way, as on your blog) pains me. That said, you have such a wonderful style of writing. Beautiful! seriously check this blog out... hauntingly addictive!

And anyone/everyone I recommend clicking his username b/c he writes one of the more fucked-up but well-written blogs you'll ever see.

I only came across his blog yesterday, and was drawn into reading every posts of his straight away! I have never done that before with anyone else's blog !

Shane, how could a skag-head like you been such a talented writer?!
Are you sure your a skag-head? LOL?!!

About Shane, he has talent, real god given talent. Lucky bastard. I can only hope to learn to write as magnificantly as him.

There's Shane X, author of the brilliantly witty and intelligent Memoirs of a HeroinHead.

your writing is beautiful.

Have you had any interest from the literary world yet? I imagine if you haven't, you will very soon. I didn't know about your blog. Now I'll be a reader, despite the heartache.

"Depravity spits back!"