Dear Aunt Agony... I'm In Love With a Junkie 2

Dear Aunt Agony...

my name is bo and I am in love with a heroin junkie...
I say junkie becasue she lost her job a while ago and spiralled down..she lies to me and says she only been shooting for 3 months but her family says atleast 2 years..
She funds her habit by prostitution and I used to work as an escort also...
I was very mean when I found out she was using and judgemental and she shut down and stopped talking to me...when we first meet she was straigt up honest told me she was a heroin addict that her life was fucked up she flunked out of college and now is homeless...lost her job stole money from her parents and got kicked out....she went away to detox withouth telling me...and when she came back she was so happy and we where full of life...and told me she detoxed and was never getting back on H again...I was suprised she didn't tell me then one friday she went to see her old friends and came back sick as hell puking sweating...
She said she was sorry and she didn't care about anything...I was upset and judgemental and now she does not speak to me...I am trying to make her open up me..I been trying to love her and be supportive and make her trust me again...
Is there hope? I belive she detoxed for me as a suprise becasue she wants to be loved...but now she is so cold and I don't know how to reach her again...

Aunt Agony says:

Dear Bo,

From what you write I will tell you that the relationship can and will never work,(not even if your girlfriend wasn't a heroin addict), so I won't waste my time trying to glue ice together.

I think you've maybe just as many problems as her, and together, well...

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I tell it as I see it, and all I see here is disaster.

You Keep Well, Auntie. X


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