My Mother's Sex Life

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#1 - Intro/Higgins/Dubai Charli
#2 - Little John
#3 - Whistling Chris
#4 - Lloyd
#5 - The Doc
#6 - The Twins

For those not aware, I am writing a series of posts titled My Mother's Sex Life over on So Dog We Were. Please go across and read as I believe they'll add up to some of the greatest writing I've done this year. In total there'll be between 15 and 25 separate posts (one every three days or so). When finished I'll arrange it into a little Novella and maybe print up a few exclusive copies.

Drunks, Scumbags, Junkies, Lowlifes, Brothers, Sisters, Murderers, Money-lenders, Gamblers, Hustlers, Arabs, Africans, Indians, Jamaicans, Taxi-drivers, Snooker Players, Obese Publicans, Hotel Managers, Council Workers, Travel Agents, Gangsters, Builders, Drug Dealers, Epileptics, Friends, Freaks and The Rubber Prick Man.  My Mother's Sex Life is a collective of London's Lowlife... A journey to and from the filthiest places, in search of someone who no longer existed...

Click image to go to Part 1. 


Unknown said...

Oh boy! A good shepherd knows what the sheep need and leads the way to it.

Baaaaah :)

Unknown said...

Wow Shane..I dropped by your blog after a long time and I see there's a lot of stuff to catch up on. I'm gonna read through it and let you know my thoughts..Love your blog man!! Hope all s well with you..


Stacy said...

hi shane! don't know how i missed all these posts...i thought i was subscribed at the other website? anyhow, what a wonderful surprise to have all this new writing from you! these are so incredibly i have an inordinate amount of interest in your mother's sex life!!! looking forward to the next post and thank you!


Unknown said...

Hi Shane, I am not able to open an read this are thier only certain people alound? By the way thank u for the quick response in answering my questions awile ago, u r truely an amazing writer

Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

HEY Tammy... the links all work fine this end so try them again and if you still can't access them just go across to the So Dog We Were site and look for them there. But the links do work so have another little go with them... X

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