The Debt of Violence

Somebody will pay for what has happened here. Somebody always pays. That's for sure. It's the only sure thing.

He's not dealing any more. His phone's dead. He showed me the bullet wound; the gauze. Rolled down his sock and lifted his trouser leg as we waited at the lights. A hole right down low, by the ankle.

Fired seven shots, he said. Seven fucking shots! They'll kill a man for nothing today. They'll kill a man for nothing!

And I could tell by his voice: he would as well.

Somebody's gonna pay for what happened here. That's for sure. He's already scheming. Working a way out. Preparing to get more than just get even.

The Police are watching him now. Victim turned loose turned suspect. They want to know WHY? They ALWAYS want to know WHY?

People don't just get shot, he said they said to him.

I did, he said he said to them. I just got shot!

He's moved his garage; changed apartment; is laying low; biding his time. He's working a way out. I could see the cunning in his reptilian eyes, the knotted tension in his jaw. I watched him scheming as he drove; going through his options, the angles. Something eating away inside of him, something that only feeds on men, some loss of something that is hard to define.

Somebody’s gonna pay for what happened here. That's for sure. Somebody always pays.

Tailgating – following right up tight behind. His frame widened; pushed forward; looming large in his windscreen; his face twitching with anger.

The law of Increasing Returns: the debt of violence. On his upper lip a scar, like he's had a hook ripped up out his mouth. It glistens as he drives, as he schemes; it widens as he moistens his mouth, as he works a way out.

Comment ça va, mon ami? He suddenly asked. How are you, my friend?

I replied with a face like I was bored, like nothing ever changes. He nodded his head like he understood, only with a menacing air about his despondency.

Then he said:
The shooter’s in prison.

That's not justice; that's a reprieve!

I'll do all I can to have him released.

Staring ahead into nowhere he grimaced a smile at some sadistic ending he had in mind.

Somebody will pay for what happened here. Oh, somebody will definitely fucking pay!

He's completely turned now. It's like his face is on inside out. Nothing hidden. He really is what he is. And he always said he was an animal.

The first time I hooked up with him alone he told me that.

I'm an animal, he said, laughing. Then he made out like he was gonna punch me in the liver. He pulled up centimetres short, his wrist curled his fist clenched, and made a restrained, frustrated noise like he was biting down on rope.


He drove me miles out of town that day to one of his small illegal businesses. He showed off the Games Room, bounced a ball around the pool table. He showed me his office, nothing but a rickety partition room with a dusty desk and phone. He walked me around the garage, showed me the empty oil stained pits and two engines hanging from hoists. Then he opened a door right out back to reveal a man in an empty room, bound to a chair, beaten and bleeding and dribbling blood. He allowed me just a peek, a warning to play it straight with him, even if he wasn't to play straight with me. After showing me what he wanted me to see of his life he gave me five grams of the best heroin I'd had in France and then left me stranded miles from nowhere, loaded, to make it back alone.

But that was then, before he had been baptised by the bullet… before he had finally became what he was to become.

So we're in the car, now, three years later. He's driving me to some third party dealer. He's got money, he's successful, has property, eats out, but he's gonna rob me. I know because he does nothing for nothing. The old adage: Time is Money. He only moves for profit even if it's just a gram he would not otherwise have had.

He believes in the dollar. He lives by the dollar. He's been wowed by the dollar. He worships the dollar. He drives by the dollar. He's driven by the dollar. He's been claimed by the dollar; chained by the dollar; bent over by the dollar; fucked by the dollar. He took seven bullets for the dollar, and he'll take seven more.

His foot slams on the brake peddle and the wound in his ankle seeps through his sock which is over his tracksuit bottoms. He's all twisted up with hate, barely keeping it inside. He screams something in Bulgarian, gives an offensive hand gesture to a car behind which has horned at us. He slows to let the car overtake and as it does, he picks up the same speed, keeps alongside and leaning across me he forms his fingers into a gun and starts unloading imaginary bullets into the drivers face. Then he slows and lets the culprit car slide on past. The car's tail lights go on, it signals and then takes the first turning off the motorway.

Emil rips the gearstick back, slides it sideways, pulls it back again then shoves it forward hard. The car makes an horrendous grating sound, jolts, then catches the road and rockets forward the momentum pinning us back. Emil's face is crazy, like he's on a fairground ride, caught between enjoyment and fear. I can see his bottom teeth. He's holding the steering wheel straight with both arms; the muscles tensed and prominent. It's like he's heading for a wall and he's made his mind up not to stop. I think this may be the last time I see him. I think all business is just about done here.

Somebody will pay for what happened. That's for sure. Somebody always pays. I paid today. Two grams short of five. Robbed. The debt of yesterday at my door today. When he was done, in profit, he dropped me off home. I shook his hand for old time sake, and maybe for tomorrow. I clapped him around the shoulder, like how you'd pat a fine dog or horse.

Merci, Emmy, I said... Merci.

He smiled and resembled a memory of the summer to come, something that won't be here in the future. He looked up and around and nodded to the clear blue sky. Then he moved his shades from his head and dropped them down over his eyes.

The future from here looks dark, he said.

That's not the future it's the distance, I replied, and if the distance is anything it’s the past.

Whatever it is it's fucking dark, he said. And those are maybe the final words to be had from a man sunk down deep in debt to himself.

[Audio version to follow shortly]


JoeM said...


here's The Line:

...from a man sunk down deep in debt to himself

I mis-read another line as:

Email rips the gearstick back.

The concept of 'debt'/ of revenge is a very Scorpian thing. Astrologically speaking. I'm agnostic about astrology.

But still...

Me and Kelly are Aries - ruled by Mars - and you're Scorpio - which is sort of also ruled by Mars. (Google it).

Anyway, just saying...

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

So you're a fiery ram as well?

I don't believe in horoscopes, one of the things I loved most about Derren Brown the series he did on so called mystics to expose the psychological tricks and certain formula they use to make their 'knowledge/predictions' sound uncannily true. Had a huge crush on him for years then found out he was gay :(

Vengeance has never really been my cup of tea. I'll get angry and plot elaborate acts of vengeance for at the first instance of rage (bad manners and injustice are the things that spark it) but has quickly as it erupts it dissipates. I basically can't be bothered and prefer to hold on to good feelings but most of all, I think I'm far too lazy and find the whole thing boring and exhausting.

I thought Scorpio was a water sign? Shane's mum is an Aries too btw (her birthday is either a day before or a day after mine, can't remember). Also, I was induced, was meant to be born 2 weeks earlier which would've made me a pisces. So don't know what mumbo jumbo an astrologer would come up with as regards induced births. I think the docs were having a laugh tho cos they induced me on my Dad's birthday!

An interesting experiment to prove astrology is bullshit, is to start reading horoscopes for a different star sign. Chances are, they'll feel as 'spot on' and as 'uncanny' as your own.

With a gangster, I think revenge is almost part of the job spec.

Been good catching up and having a wee blether in our favourite corner.

x CalamityK

Anonymous said...

Hey Shane,

Another great post and insight into another world and a very distinct character.

Enjoyed your reading too.
I used to hate having to read out loud at school and have always hated the sound of my voice.

Orating is a discipline and skill of its own.

I was wondering, how do you approach it?

Do you try reading the texts with emphasis in different places?

Is it something you're developing, kind of as you develop writing style?

Of course it's always a treat to hear your favourite authors voice for the same reason that it's interesting to see them. It's also interesting to compare how one reads to themselves and the author's voice.

My favourite famous voices have been Richard Burton (many a Welshman seems to have a natural gift for orating) and of course, Orson Welles. I had a brilliant (now long lost) cassette of his 'Tales from the Black Museum'. But these are all classic ones. Are there any orators you particularly like or would recommend?

Well, once again Shane, you've put us all to shame with your brilliant writing. Look forward to more (as always).


JoeM said...

CK – I'm agnostic about astrology but I can't help looking up people's signs so I have a sort of 'hook' on them. And I do find that so many of the Sun signs correspond. But then again I've found that I can make them fit and find out later they're totally different.

Derren Brown is great when it comes to exposing those awful Evangelicals etc. Some of his Gigantic stunts on Channel 4 etc I'm not so sure about. Like that guy that he supposably (copyright Joey in Friends) convinced the world was coming to and end. If it was real it was immoral to do that to someone. If not it was fake. And isn't he looking gaunt these days? Given his admission about previous religious belief etc I think he has problems.

Scorpio IS a water sign- previously 'ruled' by Mars. Now something else – Pluto? I'm not THAT much of a nerd to know. And I don't think Pluto's a planet any more.

I kept thinking throughout my reading of all Shane's words about his mother – she's such an Aries! I can't recall if this was before or after I looked her up.

But Aries female is a great thing to me.

See my endless
You Tube links on Facebook about Diana Ross. The ultimate Aries Diva! (If not Maria Carey. Or Lady Gaga. Or Bette Davis. Etc...)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Shane we miss you...

Tell us another story soon please.

X CalamityK

GayPornCum said...

Very good post ! (My blogs : GayWankers and GayPornCum).

Anonymous said...

whoa, you're getting kind of existential in your old age, you cuddly monster

The Total Impostor said...

You're getting kind of existential in your old age, you sparkling monster

The Total Impostor said...

Is there an echo in here?

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