Dear Aunt Agony... How Can I Score in London?

Dear Aunt Agony...

Do you know where i can get a decent bit of kit in london?


Dear Chris,

As you'll understand I can't give you dealers numbers, but you can do 1 of 3 things and I guarantee you'll score within 20 minutes.

1) Find your local needle exchange. Wait for the first person to come out and say you need help. Offer them a £15 bag to score and introduce you to the dealer.

2) Approch a young/middle aged beggar. 70% have heroin problems and are usualy just begging until they raise 20 quid to score.

3) Go to the nearest methadone Clinic. Most are still using and will be able to help you. Again, for the numbr (and to ensure you're not robbed) offer to buy for them also. No one will do that for a
stranger for free.

Good Luck and let me know how you get on.

A. A. x


Georgina said...

Dear 'How can I score in London?' Are you moving there for work? New start? Broken heart?(If jumping bail dont waste your time reading this)
It'd be a lot easier to get yourself a script; try living a new way in a new enviroment,new college, new job, give it a bit of thought. What have you got to lose..Nothing but money if you score there.Are you alone or do you have a partner perhaps to keep afloat? It's more difficult obviously; co dependancy.
I've done it a couple of times;relocated, for couple reasons, but always returned to my old life when I returned to my old home town.
I had no choice but to return due to family circumstances...but wish things had been different; I'dv stuck with the vallies, white wine and no dealer.
Good luck, what ever you do pal.