Dear Aunt Agony... Can You Help Me Score?

Dear Aunt Agony...

hello, my name is enrique, and have just moved here to lyon from australia, and i found your site, and as you have guessed by now, i am looking to score. my numbr is 06X8 XXX 7X2. if you could ring me and meet, as you know, you look after me, i will look after you,
hope to hear from you.


Aunt Agony says:

Dear Enrique,

I'm not a dealer. If you need to score here's the only advice I can give: go to the L'hôtel Dieu hospital. It's a substitution centre... full of addicts. I'm sure you'll find someone there who will help you. Don't worry if you can't speak french... your money will talk for you. You should also sign up for a substitution program whilst you're at it... you'll need it here.

Good luck, Auntie.



i apologise if i offended you, i never meant in the email to assume you were a dealer, its just that scoring on my own has its hazards. what i was looking for was maybe an introduction to someone safe. in australia i could introduce you to good safe people all over the country, i also have to be careful because of the family here, old time lyon people, well known and respected.

i had several restaurants in australia, we sold them, and have moved here to be closer to my wife's family, but i still have an itch that needs severe scratching! if you could take the time to meet me and get to know me, see i'm for real, no cops, all i ask for is to be introduced to someone reliable. i'm sorry for my straight forwardness, too many years in business, i get straight to the point. so if you think that its not possible, please let me know. you have my number.

thank you for your quick response




You didn't offend me. What were the names of your restaurants? How was you using (injecting, smoking, snorting?)

BW, Auntie.


Auntie, thank you for replying, plus im glad that i didnt offend you. we had sveral restaurants in diferent cities on the gold coast in queensland. we had XXXXX at marina mirage on the water, cafe XXXXX at robina town centre, XXXXX bar and bistro at broadbeach, and XXXXX in broadbeach, then in darwin, northern territory, we had XXXX cafe at cullen bay, plus started the mopeds pizza and pasta. i'm a little tired of hospitality now, been in it 25 years, im 38 now, so i basically grew up in it,

to answer the other, i inject, started of snorting, but one day was introduced to the other, and well, the rest is history,




I think you're genuine.Your IP address to my blog worked out and your Google search of 'Where to find heroin in Lyon France' brought you to me. I cannot meet you today, but we will get together. I will contact you to let you know when.

I will introduce you to someone that will put you onto a contact. Can you speak french? it will help you a lot?

Also, I will warn you before anything... french heroin is not like what you will know... it's shit. It's still heroin but very weak. Occassionally a better quality stuff arrives, but not often.

Where abouts are you in Lyon... just the area?

Best Wishes, Auntie.

ps: I'll need to see old visible track marks on your hands and arms. I won't take no bollocks over that. If for some bizarre reason they've all cleared up, or you're wriggling with good veins, I will leave.


thanks, i live in croix rousse
ill hear from you then,


Enrique, if you've got the tracks, have the money, and want to score we can meet this afternoon. let me know ASAP*.


*Obviously Enrique had those new big thick police veins I had initially suspected him of having. I never heard from him again.


Anonymous said...

Dear H Darwin NT dosen't even have a methadone program they give you the bus fare south , so its almost impossible to run a habit their ,those areas in QLD are hardly fine dinning always tourist slop ,I hope i'm not putting shit on someone in need ,but that story isn't adding up .CHEERS

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm an Aussie (Sydneysider) and that sounds suss.

Anonymous said...

That chap who wanted to score...say WHAT??? what a baby!
I spent a month in France [the South] and had to quit methadone &c in England....I assumed [stupidly] that coming off would be easy in the warmth of the sun-I had a small amount of methadone,but not nearly enough to last a month.
Anyway, I soon found paregorique and neo codion-they helped take the edge off, but I felt very sick . No one told me of neo codion, but the streets around Nice station were littered with ''comprimes enrobes'' and I understood that ''codion'' sounded like codeine.
Anyone who asks to score publicly absolutely is not to be trusted.
And as to him saying he knew people ''all over Australia''...Australia is pretty big...most people only know a few people in their locality.

Nowadays, I just stick to an oldish person now-and the gear is crap compared to what it was, from what I hear.
Sorry about your dad. That was bad luck.


snarevox said...

lol my tracks are awesome so is the Chicago dope....come visit brother.

Anonymous said...

Love this. Lol. I no longer feel alone in embracing my choices

Anonymous said...

Seems that in all places, Heroin is variable.
Recently there was a spate of much higher quality and people were dying.

So they gave out Prenoxad Injection to everyone, and it has already saved lives.
Trouble is, you are meant to carry it about, and as it is bulky [ish] I forget.

Wouldn't want to put it in a back pocket, bend over, the box magically break in two and give myself an instant WD.

The guy who wanted to score was very strange.
I didn't even attempt it in France for a month..but felt very ill.
Was sitting on a beach and saw gold glinting at my feet as the waves washed in and out..was too weak to bend down and pick the chain up..
Eventually found the ''oomph'' and the bloody thing was gold plated!
Threw it back down in disgust.
The hard Southern Sun hurt my eyes, and gifrer paregorique helped take a tiny bit of the edge off, along with neo codion..but no way would I choose to withdraw like that again.
Ironically, one of the books in the house was ''Jigsaw'' by Sybille Bedford, about her morphine addicted mother.. what a coincidence.
One night a ''Mistral tres violent'' was blowing so hard, I shook and trembled all night long, so sure the roof would blow off, as the tiles were riffling.
The rawness of withdrawals and the storm..very memorable.


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