Dear Aunt Agony... Is My Boyfriend Injecting Pain Pills?

Dear Aunt Agony...

Hey my name is Shazza. I wanted to tell u somethings that is going on with my boyfriend so i can understand better. I find his collection of spoons and needles of course i throw them away. From what i understand from a friend .He shoots up Oxycontins, roxys, and other pain pills. Can u shoot up pain pills? Hes also on methadone can he shoot that to? Anytime i say anything about the needles or spoons, he gets so angry and said he hasnt used in awhile. He said he doesn't talk about it because hes ashamed. He finally told me it is so hard to stop .And he wasn't doing it anymore.But i find cotton with a dried blue substance on it. And me i dont know much about any of this. His arms look better ,where else can you shoot up? Its sad he or should i say we live with this,.Dont know if i should go or stay but scared it will make matters worse .Any advice would be great, i'm alone in this. Fear to talk to friends or family. I'm not sure how i can help him. so does this make
him junkie or addict i'm confused .Also he gets sick throws up, runs a high temp, upset stomach and everything that goes with that. And this is going on up to three days a week. And he jerks hard and cant control it. But doesnt jerk all the time. ~Idk~Whats going on with all that ? Thank you for your time!


Aunt Agony says:

Oh, it's no problem mailing me... anytime. Yes you can shoot pain pills, many people do.
Methadone... not really, bu there is one kind you can shoot though i really doubt thats what he's doing. The cotton with the blue substance on it will be Oxycontin. Heroin filters are pale yellow or

Regarding shooting you can inject anywhere there is a vein. If not the arms or hands then the legs or feet. Someaddicts shoot in he neck and some in the groin (not the actual groin, the pit of the inside thigh).

If your boyfriend lives a normal life, but shoots pain pills everyday, he's an addict. If he needs to steal, cheat and lie to get money for his drugs, then he's a junkie. It's a small thing and not really important. Many will say that if you are addicted to opiates you're a junkie, period

Getting sick will be withdrawals. His brain and body needs opiates. The jerks are a side-effect many users have. It's because the muscles relax under the influence of the drug and then jump to control when the brain mistakenly acts to control them. . It's a spasm, like sometimes you have while dreaming.

Keep in mind that most people who shoot Oxy's also shoot heroin. Though heroin is much stronger and more expensive.

All My Best, Auntie. x


Anonymous said...

I Agree With Everything You said Here except The Part That says heroin is Cheaper Than Oxycontin..
I believe Its The Other Way around.. Im a Heroin addict for 12 Years Now Off and On at Times I Have Been a Junkie But right Now Just an Addict Holding it together.
I started with Oxycontin in Like 95 and i used it Until i couldnt afford The Street price anymore and found it much easier and cheaper to Take the train into the city and score afew bags of dope ..

Anonymous said...

Hunny she say that heroin is more expensive. Read again.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend has latley been shooting methadone tablets which aren't prescribed to him should I be worried what are the real side affects

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend has shot up roxys Before . I really don't know what to do. He still snorted them but was not shooting up. Now when I go to work he lies to me don't pick up his phone , he gets so mad over nothing and this morning before he went to work I woke up to use the bathroom the door was locked and he never locks it he said he was taking a poop but left didn't flush and I went to use it and nothing was there at all. So he was not using. The bathroom. I want to know how some one else feels and thinks about this. Because his friend shoots up heroin and tried to get him to buy it. But I said I would leave him if he got it. But I dk if he did or if hr went back he keeps lying. Plz give me some edifice

Anonymous said...

Well I would like to say that a lot of what you all have said , sounds like the way I went out!! I started taking vicoden and percs, and from there went to snorting 5-6 30mg oxys at one time! And not long after started shooting them as well as a few delotted at a time. And I can definitly say that it has ruined my life as well as others . I spent so much time and money and missed out on a lot of time with my kids and the rest of my family.. When I didn't have it I would be sick as hell throwing up , cold sweats ext. Till I found what I needed to feel better.. Locking my self in the bathroom to get high , lieng all the time and lien to cover up another lie and Leaving in the middle of the night to get dope just got relly old. So I ended up checking into a detox center.. The day I got out of of there I found myself at the dope house using again... I was in hell again for a little while longer and then come out and told my family what I have done.. So my father was nice enough to pay for me to go to a real good detox center in a hospital. And now I have been staying clean.. I should say that if it weren't for my awesome family and my one of a kind wife that I have put thru so much , I probably wpulnt be here today to bore y'all with my story.. I will pray harder for those with the desiese that is almost unfixabke. Trust me I thought I would never get thru it but with my family and will power I ended up coming out on top in the long run. Its not easy but u have to want to quit.. Good luck everyone that is trying to get clean I will pray for u !!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that's been shooting her pain pills. For a while my husband and I confronted her about it today! After a screaming match she finally amited that she was and brought my husband her needle and broke down. She is scared of withdrawal. What can I do to help her?

Anonymous said...

He mostly likely does heroin. My husband started doing things like that. If you love him then try to be there for him. Look up clinics and treatments. The withdrawal process is the worse. He needs to stay away from people who do it because temptation is hard to fight for them.there is help and he can stop.

Anonymous said...

All these stories make me so sad!!!! I met my husband when my daddy passed away and he reminded me so much of my dad that I instantly fell in love with him. I failed to see that he also had my dads addiction flaws as well. My daddy was an alcoholic but my husband was addicted to oxycontin and really any kind of pain pills he could get. I had never been around anything like this before so I was oblivious. I dated him and he left me so I thought it was me but it was the addiction but he never told me this until we were married a year and a half later. I would notice when he set with me he would be talking and he nodded off in the middle of a conversation. I saw him doze while we were in the car so I started driving thinking he was just worn out because he had two jobs. We got married and as few months went by and he said I need help I'm going to go to a suboxone doctor. This helped a ton. He gained weight and was happy in a good mood and proud of himself. He got to where he thought he could do it and stopped taking it. About 7 months later I noticed he was fighting with me all the time again and he seemed to care less about us. I started fiding things missing. First it was my paintball gun, printer, kids DS's and my sons bike then someone broke in and stole our fourwheeler. I started talking to mybinlawsbandbthey wrre in denial and saying those things about their precious son caused them to start thinking badly of me. during the summer months i saved my taxes so I could be with my children while they were home from school. He was on my account so I went to the store and my card didn't work. I went to the bank and all my money was gone. I was devastated!!! How was I going to live the rest of the summer and feed my kids. Why did he love this shit more than us!!! I confronted him and he told me that he had started back on pills and his friend gave him crack so he thought that was cheaper. He was addicted to crack!!! He would leave and hide in the woods and smoke. He would steal from everyone!! I found him in the floor once looking for a tiny grain of crack that he thought he dropped so he could smoke it. My son went to church when we didn't know what else to do and he prayed his step dad would get better. A week later he came to me and said I'm so ashamed I have to get help. He had stolen from some gangster types that were calling threatening me on the phone so I called the cops and they pretended to be him and called them back and when they started with their threats they told them who they really were and if anyone hurt one of us they would go after them for it. I was scared to death. He called a few places and then he called mission teens and got a bed in Savannah at the bible mission training center. It was God!! He had no job or insurance so they took him for free!!! His brother and I took him but while we were on our way he jumped out of the car and ran away from us and ended up in a gas station begging for crack. We finally got him there and he stayed for 2 months. He came home and had two episodes when I told him I was leaving or he could fix it so he quit his job where the issues always were. He gave me his check for two years and he got rid of all of his friends. He started over. Six months after he was sober we conceived our first child together. I have two from a previous marriage but he has wanted children for 15 years and we honestly believe God gave him a child after he sobered up!!! Its been the hardest part of my life this far. I wouldn't wish it on a soul. Please if your not married or have no children in this get out of it while you can!!! He would even say these words!!!

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